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NYLON - (Reprocessed)


1) Automotive / transportation 2) Electrical markets 3) Fibers / textiles / carpets




Reprocessed Nylon Granules:
We are a leading producer of recycled Nylon, PA 66 Granules:
- Density: 1.13 to 115 g/cm3
- Glass transition temperature: 55 to 58 Degree C
- Gamma radiation resistance: Fair
- UV light resistance: Poor
- Max. continuous service temperature: 80 to 140 Degree C
- Min. continuous service temperature: -80 to 65 Degree C
- Sterilization resistance (Repeated): Poor
- Thermal insulation (Thermal Conductivity): 0.25 W/m.K

Drying before processing is highly recommended: moisture content should be a maximum of 0.2 percent

The maximum permissible drying temperature lies in the range of about 80 to 110 Degree C

PA 6.6 is thermally stable up to 310 Degree C, but above decomposition accelerates, the initial products formed being mainly carbon monoxide and ammonia, and caprolactam.

- High strength and stiffness at high temperature
- Good impact strength, even at low temperature
- Very good flow for easy processing
- Good abrasion and wear resistance
- Excellent fuel and oil resistance
- Good fatigue resistance
- Good electrical insulating properties

- High water absorption and water equilibrium content
- Low dimensional stability
- Attacked by strong mineral acids and absorbs polar solvents
- Proper drying before processing is needed
- More difficult to process than PA 6, due to its very low viscosity

- Automotive / transportation
- Electrical markets
- Fibers / textiles / carpets


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